How to Stop Wasting Money on Advertising

Do you know how much sale do you get for every advert you run?Are you one of the many businesses who depend heavily on advertising?If you don’t know how much sales you get from advertising, then it is high time you find out. You may be shocked to discover that you are literally pouring money down the drain spending money on advertising that does not work.There are a number of effective methods of marketing your business than just advertising. In my experience, and sadly to a great cost, advertising is a very costly exercise.However, if you are already advertising or planning to run an advert, here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts on advertising:Do test and measure your ad. It is incredible how many businesses don’t test and measure the results of their advertising. It is madness. How will you know if your ad is working if you don’t measure it? If your ad is working, surely you want to use it over and over again to get value for your money. If it’s not working, then you should stop it at once. Yet, many small businesses run their ad over and over again and wait for the business to come in.Do get your headlines right. If you want your advert to bring in sales, then work on your headlines. The headline is the most important part of your advert. It should catch the attention of your target customer, stop them in their track and keep them reading.Do stop advertising that don’t work. It is simple; if it is not working then it is costing you money you can’t recover. However, it is amazing how many businesses continue to run their ad because they have done so for so many years and they don’t really know if it is working. In fact, they justify it by believing that they are running their ad to create a brand. Unless you are a big name, you don’t run and ad for branding purposes. The goal of your advertising is to get sales, if it does not bring any sales, you should stop it.Don’t pay for full advertising rates. Always negotiate. Advertising agencies will almost always offer you up to 40% off their rate card, especially if they are very close to the deadline.Never get bullied into advertising. When I started my online business five years ago, advertising agencies would call me and offer great prices but they want me to make a decision right there in then. Another bitter experience for me, I was not allowed to change my mind. At the end, it was another failed advertisement. So, never ever commit to advertise without studying the target market of the advertising agency.Don’t advertise in a publication just because your competitor is advertising in it. How do you know if their ad works? How do you know if they are getting customers from advertising in that publication? Your only goal for advertising is to get results for you.Don’t place your ad in the left hand page of the publication. When your customers read a publication, their eyes are automatically drawn towards the right, so if your advert is on the left, they are likely to miss it unless they are specifically looking for it. However, this seems to be a different case for online advertising. In online advertising, ads placed on the left hand side tend to do better. This is due to the fact your customers are only reading one leaf, and when they finish reading a sentence, their eyes automatically returns to the left hand side, therefore giving them more chances to see your ad. Try experimenting this at home.