Interstitial Advertising Has a Lot to Offer

Latest online advertising innovation which is busy in drawing millions of eyeballs is the Interstitial advertising. This is the latest boom in online advertising. This brilliant innovation is really worth praising.You might wonder what’s this much talked about interstitial advertising, it sounds quite complex. Interstitial advertisements are the ones which are displayed in between the present and expected web page. Interstitial advertisement is used in the sense of ‘in between’ as this is displayed in between a referenced page and the page which references it forward. These ads appear either in a separate window (pop up) while the webpage is getting loaded, or are inserted between the pages. These are flashy graphics and quite interactive in nature, with incredible appeal. It’s believed and has been observed that this pattern of advertising is much more effective than the banner and pop up ads. These easily grab attention than the other forms of online advertising. Interstitial advertising has a unique paying pattern, as it’s paid by display and not per click.This form of advertising has been innovated to cope with the clutter of online advertising. Over-stimulation is a constant threat for the online advertising players. One way of coping with this is the sensory input filtering. Our brain has a unique capability to successfully filter out the vast majority of unwanted incoming messages. We quickly filter out the unwanted information like undesired banner ads. And in this process a lot of important messages are also missed out and overlooked. This is fatal for the advertisers. But interstitial advertisements have been innovated to overcome this barrier. These interstitial advertisements easily captivate attention of its viewers. Being entertaining and interactive in nature these advertisements have created a hype all over the cyberspace. And no viewer can afford to miss the interstitial advertisements as the viewer is compelled to see the advertisement before the desired content appears on screen. At times some viewers might find it very frustrating, and might appear to be intrusive. If the message is captivating and entertaining in nature, there are minimum chances of such negative feeling. But keeping the professional attitude in mind one should keep the ‘skip through’ or ‘close’ option available there, as a courtesy to the people who prefer to skip the message and directly hit the desired content.Typically these advertisements have a short span of duration between five to ten seconds. It might seem to be theoretically a short duration, but it’s enough for the viewer to look at the advertisement. And it’s a big challenge for the advertiser; as they need to grab attention, arouse interest, stimulate desire and induce action within this short span of time. And to make the best utilization of these few seconds advertiser has to make it as much entertaining and captivating as possible. It should be crisp, concise, captivating, ensuring the following page starts loading fast.Interstitial advertising has just started flowering. Creative journey is still to be explored. There’s lot to do and experience. Its entertaining and captivating nature gives vent to the creative mind. We are waiting to witness the ultimate boom of this form of online advertising.